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Anti-static Foam

Anti-static foam is primarily used for packing, protecting, storing and shipping electronic products, equipment and components that are sensitive to static electricity and which can malfunction or become permanently damaged due to the build-up of static charge during their period of non-use while in storage or in transit.

The basic quality of this type of foam is that it prevents the formation of static electricity, during the process of storing and shipping of electronic components, by offering a lower range of electrical resistance and allowing the electro-static charges that it accumulates to slowly dissipate.

The foam sheets made of Anti-Static foam can be used to protect sensitive electronic parts from static charge. Other than foam sheets, Anti-Static foam are available in various forms, shapes and sizes. They not only protect electronic components from outside static charges but also protect the components near them from static charge that gets generated from within the devices.

Anti-static Foam is excellent for cushioning, packing, storing and shipping sensitive circuit boards, computer chips, laptops and similar such electronic components and devices. The foam because of its dense nature can be cut or shaped to fit into boxes, drawers or cases and is available in many forms including black conductive foam, pink foam sheet, memory foam sheet, anti-static bubble wrap and anti-static rolls.

The availability of anti-static foams in such varied forms provides product manufacturers the flexibility of preventing electro-static discharge irrespective of the shape of their products whether they are small, large or irregularly shaped.

Anti-static foam offered by us is designed for long term anti-static performance and provides physical protection while dissipating any added static electricity before it reaches the components. It can be used to manufacture case inserts, specialized packaging and protective gear for electronic parts.

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