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Explore our Automotive business line.

Our Automotive business line is clustered around two distinct activities: Interiors and Seating. Both serve highly demanding global Tier-1 customers as well as original equipment makers (OEM) in the automotive sector. Our solutions help to make cars lighter and thus more fuel-efficient. In a demanding automotive sector where just-in-time deliveries are crucial, our technical expertise and the flexibility of our manufacturing set-up, are seen as a competitive advantage.

Polyurethane Foam In Automotive Car Seats And Doors

Polyurethanes are used throughout cars. In addition to the foam that makes car seats comfortable, bumpers, interior “headline” ceiling sections, the car body, spoilers, doors and windows all use polyurethanes. Polyurethane also enables manufacturers to provide drivers and passengers significantly more automobile “mileage” by reducing weight and increasing fuel economy, comfort, corrosion resistance, insulation and sound absorption.

Our passion for comfort.

Polyurethane foam offers automobile designers and manufacturers the means to produce seating that can be easily assembled, disassembled and recycled. It also meets the highest performance specifications over a wide range of firmness—without added weight. Through many years of service, and even under heavy use, polyurethane foam retains its original firmness, shape and resiliency. Arm rests, head rests, cushioned instrument panels and other parts of your car’s interior are all made with polyurethane foams.

Foams for Automotive.

We make sure our Manufacturing is up to date and efficient to provide perfection. We have specialized production system that caters to Automotive Industries for Foam requiremtns.Partner with us and experience your business booming.

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