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Mattresses for Hotels

We manufacture mattresses for all category of Hotels & Resorts - be it Business Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Guest Houses or for Rooms.

Our products deliver exceptional comfort and unparalleled durability, which further defines our design and innovation.

Our first priority is to understand the importance of luxury and comfort for your guests and delivering mattresses that will make your guests feel relaxed, provide an out of the world sleeping experience making their stay more comfortable and memorable and above all give them one more reason to keep coming back to your resort.

Every guest needs a great sleep and an extended level of comfort to have a great stay at your hotel or your resort. To keep up with this expectation, we make sure that we our mattresses are of superior quality.

Hotels, Resorts, Service Apartments

Our Mattresses beat the heat with our innovative proprietary outer cover which is cool to the touch, also our highest grade memory foam and latex together ensure support while making your guests feel weightless. The mattresses are designed in accordance with required specifications such as thickness and firmness of edges.

Foams, Springs, Coir, Latex, etc can be used as per your customised requirements while complying to internationally accepted manufacturing standards.

With advanced sleeping solutions designed to give your guests an unforgettable sleep experience during their stay away from home, our mattresses offer durable support and advanced comfort features to help your guests enjoy a blissful sleep experience.

For any such requirements of yours, please do send us an inquiry here!