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Laminated Foam

Laminated foam is thermo-formable polyether foam that can be flame laminated with fabrics, films or other materials by heat moulding. Laminated foam has almost the same properties as polyester foams of the same density but offers enhanced elasticity, resilience and comfort.

Flame lamination is used in bonding the foam with fabric or similar other material. Here the flame helps in creating a layer of molten polymer on the surface of the foam, which is then moulded with fabric under pressure. Sometimes, special additives are added to Laminated foam to reduce thickness loss after flame lamination or to strengthen the fabric-foam bonding foam.

Laminated foam is highly durable even in humid conditions and are primarily suited for several applications in automotive industry. Some of the applications include vehicle headliners, seating and door panels, etc. Being flame retardant with reduced evaporation they are primarily used in combination with fabrics, foils, etc. Such foams are also used in the footwear and leather industries or for the manufacture of sportswear. Compared to conventional ester foams Laminated foam shows better results for some of its properties like better comfort and flexibility, reduced evaporation and its behaviour against heat.

Laminated foam also finds application in jackets, helmets, gloves, cricket pads, seat covers, laptop bags, orthopaedic supports, etc. In such applications, laminated foam is usually treated with antimicrobial technology by using an additive. A variant of Laminated foam is also used in sound-proofing of upholstered wall track systems.

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