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Low Density Foam

Low-density polyethylene foam comes with numerous desirable properties like water-resistance, chemical resistance, energy-absorbance, buoyancy and cushioning characteristics. Compressive strength is found to be greater in denser foams, decreasing as density decreases. Low-density foams tend to become less thick over time, than higher-density foams. Low foam density mattresses contain 3 lbs or less of material in one cubic foot of the mattress space. In terms of weight, these mattresses stand the lightest.

However, low mattress foam density provides greater airflow, which creates a cooler sleeping experience and allows sleepers to move around with little constriction, while increased airflow creates better temperature control for people who get hot as they sleep.

  • Ease of movement
  • Temperature control
  • Less offgassing
  • Used in Electrical machines
  • Packaging Industries
  • Application for water resistance.
Low Density Foam

Allied Products

Other Allied Industrial Products such as Rubberized Coir, Natural Latex, Bra cups, Cotton Wool Roll, Quilt Fabric Roll, Pillows, Mattress Protectors, Concept Sofa's and various range of Mattresses are manufactured using the best quality raw materials. Our products are well-acknowledged among the clients for their high durability and quality.

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