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Memory Foam

Memory foam is a durable type of material, it is known for its high density, for providing good support and excellent pressure relief. Beds that consist of memory foams, usually have a longer lifespan than spring mattresses. Memory foam was introduced in the medical field for cushioning, protecting and comforting individuals in intensive care units or in wheelchair seat cushions. Dust mites are an unavoidable fact of life. Pretty much every home has them, and one place they thrive in, is the bedroom. They are mostly harmless; however, dust mites are one of the leading causes of indoor allergies. The type of materials used and the dense structure of memory foam discourages dust mites more effectively. There simply aren't as many places for them to live and thrive in.

  • Perfect Fit for Adjustable Beds
  • Good Durability
  • Motion resistance
  • Support Back/Spine Alignment
Memory Foam

Allied Products

Other Allied Industrial Products such as Rubberized Coir, Natural Latex, Bra cups, Cotton Wool Roll, Quilt Fabric Roll, Pillows, Mattress Protectors, Concept Sofa's and various range of Mattresses are manufactured using the best quality raw materials. Our products are well-acknowledged among the clients for their high durability and quality.

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