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Premratan Concast Pvt Ltd.

Premratan Concast Pvt Ltd

At Premratan Concast Pvt Ltd, Our Foams provides durable solutions for a wide variety of customer needs in areas such as silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting and comforting. In general, we focus on the production, transformation and commercialisation of predominantly customised, semi-finished products in flexible polyurethane foam.

Premratan Concast Pvt Ltd

Our Foams are used in a number of industries for variety of purposes.
Our product are customly manufactured according to specific needs.

We strive for

Our Innovative Aproach

Our strive for innovation focuses on developing new products, improving existing on and optimising production processes.It includes dedicated portfolio managers who coordinate projects in close contact with different business departments. As well as picking up market needs, Our portfolio managers challenge the status quo with new ideas. Through a market-driven approach, new platforms are initiated to generate innovative concepts.

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