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Pure Grade Foam

Pure Grade Foam with around 95% purity is developed by optimising various resin components like polyol, catalyst, surfactants The drive to reduce density and improve thermal and dimensional performance at the operating temperature for refrigerators and freezers has led to the development of Pure Grade foam.

Pure grade is a quality of 100% pure Polyurethane(PU) Foam. It is developed by optimising various resin components like polyol, catalyst, surfactant and foaming conditions technology along with anti-sagging processing technology that provides rigidity to the foam structure. Pure Grade foam has optimum tensile and resilience to provide durability to the foam. Pure grade foam is largely used for applications related to seating and sleeping like cushion, foam for all types of seats - be it chairs, sofas, vehicle seats, mattresses, etc.

Pure grade foam because of its high resilience, low compression set properties is used in applications which need sustained cushioning for longer periods as well as excellent breathability and moisture management. These properties of Pure Grade Foam make it an ideal choice for usage in collars, tongues and in-soles of sports shoes.

Apart from its usage in shoes, Pure Grade foam because of its low compression set is used for orthopaedic purpose like in the manufacture of orthopaedic mattresses, seats or special beds used in orthopaedic clinics or healthcare centres.

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Allied Products

Other Allied Industrial Products such as Rubberized Coir, Natural Latex, Bra cups, Cotton Wool Roll, Quilt Fabric Roll, Pillows, Mattress Protectors, Concept Sofa's and various range of Mattresses are manufactured using the best quality raw materials. Our products are well-acknowledged among the clients for their high durability and quality.

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