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Roll Pack Mattress

Roll-Pack mattresses are mattresses that are rolled up and compressed down to more than 70% of their original size for ease of handling - be it delivering to the warehouse from the factory or to end user's homes.

These mattresses are packed in such a way there are negligble chances of damage to the mattress while in transit from the roll pack mattress manufacturers' factory to the end customer's home.

The packaging is also done in a way that on being delivered, the customers can simply remove the packaging and roll out the mattress so that it can slowly regain its original size.

The vacuum packaging process used in rolling and compressing the mattress ensures that it remains fresh till the time it is un-wraped.

Roll Pack Mattress

Here are some of the advantages of a Roll Pack mattress over a normal one

  • Easy Handling and Minimum Storage space
  • Can be easily handled by one person
  • Low costs of shipping from factory to home.
  • Environmentally friendly as it uses less packaging material.
  • Roll Pack mattresses are easy to set up.
  • Roll Pack mattresses can fit in cars and carried back home by customers

Normally it takes about a couple of hours’ time for the air inside the roll pack mattress to get released completely before someone can start using it. However, depending on the size and the materials used, it can take upto 24 hours for a roll pack mattress to regain its original size.

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