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Sound Absorption Foam

Sound absorption or sound absorbing foams are made of soft and lightweight PU foam. The cell structure of such foam is open and flexible that acts as natural absorber of soundwave and helps in preventing noises from resonating or echoing off surfaces like ceilings, walls or floors. Sound absorption foam does this by converting existing sound waves to heat and reducing the ability of soundwaves to bounce back into the room.

Sound absorption or sound absorbing foam as it is at times referred to can also improve the acoustics quality of a room. Such types of foams when cut into pyramid or wedge shapes can be used to manipulate vibrations in a way that improves the quality of sound like it is done in a recording studio where sound echoing is reduced significantly by installing visible foam tiles or foam panels on the walls.

For absorbing sound within large rooms, a very common way is to install acoustic tiles that are cut to size and fitted on to the surface areas like floors and ceilings. This procedure is very effective in absorbing sounds and preventing echoes as well.

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