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Speciality Foam

We produce various types of foam that are used for diverse applications within the bedding, furniture, automotive and other related industries. Our vast experience and expertise in foam manufacturing, our world-class equipment in our manufacturing facilities, and years of working with our OEMs provides us the much needed experience and expertise in developing highly customisable types of foams also called Speciality Foam for various uses as per the requirements of various industries or as per sector specific applications.

Some of the more popular varieties of Speciality foam that we offer to the market include Memory Foam (viscoelastic foam), HR Foam (High Resilience Foam), Gel Foam (Gel Visco, Gel Infused or Gel Memory foam) and FR (Fire Retardant) Fire Retardant Foam

Memory Foam (viscoelastic foam): Polyurethane foam mixed with certain additive that helps in enhancing the density and overall viscosity of the foam. This type of foam offers greater comfort by moulding to the shape of the sleeper’s body.

HR Foam (High Resilience Foam):
This type of Speciality foam is an open-cell, flexible polyurethane foam that offers greater support and resilience. HR foam offers extremely fast recovery, i.e. it “bounces” back to its original shape instantly.

Gel Foam (Gel Visco, Gel Infused or Gel Memory foam):
When the application needs greater dispersion of heat on usage, Memory foam is infused with gel particles that help disperse heat, enhance recovery time which means it quickly bounces back to its original shape while offering a softer feel than regular memory foam.

FR (Fire Retardant) Fire Retardant Foam:
Polyurethane foam when mixed with fire-retardant chemicals which gets released if and when the foam gets over heated or catches fire.

Allied Products

Other Allied Industrial Products such as Rubberized Coir, Natural Latex, Bra cups, Cotton Wool Roll, Quilt Fabric Roll, Pillows, Mattress Protectors, Concept Sofa's and various range of Mattresses are manufactured using the best quality raw materials. Our products are well-acknowledged among the clients for their high durability and quality.

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