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UV Stable Foam

The biggest problem with any kind of foam is its constant exposure to sunlight. This in turn speeds up the process of yellowing of the foam and which in turn affects the durability and texture of the foam. This continuous exposure to sunlight is a more serious problem than the intermittent exposure, since the exposure or attack of the sunlight is dependent on the extent and degree of exposure.


With constant exposure, these materials can:
  • Fade colour
  • Lose strength
  • Become less flexible
  • Crack
  • Disintegrate

A pertinent question thus arising is how do we prevent this problem? The answer lies in what our company has been successfully manufacturing from many years and specialized in UV Stable foam manufacturing. So what exactly does UV Stable foam help in?

UV Stabilized Foam means that a stabilizer has been added to the resin to allow it to protect the substance from the long-term degradation from UV light. UV stabilizers work by absorbing or screening out UV radiation and preventing damage. Hence the earlier problem of yellowing and its impact on the hardening and texture durability is completely eradicated with the introduction of UV Stable foam.

UV Stable foam is suggested foam applications where foams UV light exposure is required. UV stable foams are offered in wide range of foam grades showing different properties on parameters like resilience, elongation, tensile strength, density and hardness. These foams are suitable for cut, sew and lamination applications.


Advantages of using UV Stable Foam
  • Better Shelf Life
  • Flexible
  • Allows good breathability and Air circulation


Major Applications where UV Stable foam is used
  • Clothing
  • Bra Cups
  • Swimwear
  • Sports Shoes

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