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About Pyarelal Foams Pvt Ltd

Established in 1982 as a manufacturer of Natural Latex & Coir , PyareLal Group Of Industries is now a household name in India when it comes to sleep solutions. It combines world-class infrastructure, certified processes and proprietary technology to deliver products of the highest quality, comfort and durability.

Managed by two generations of entrepreneurs, PL Group has dynamically evolved with the industry and latest market trends. It doubled its manufacturing capacity and is now the amongst largest manufacturer of rubberised coir & Latex in India, with more than 500 employees. PL Group sells eco-friendly and sanitized rubber coir products, which play an important role in the bedding, furniture and seating industries.

PyareLal Group Of Industries, manufactures and sells slab stock Polyurethane (PU) Foam under the brand name ‘PL Foams’. Its technical and industrial foams are supplied to various consumers and converters where as its furniture and mattress grade foams are widely distributed through an extensive supply chain. Adopting the best in technology, ‘PL Foams’ product range encompasses everything from regular furniture grade foams to special foams like Memory Foam, Super Soft foam, Low and High Density foam, High Resilience(HR) Foam and Industrial Grade foams.

PyareLal Group Of Industries,introduce the Hennecke technology machine from Germany in the industry having manufacturing units spread across three states in India:Uttar Pradesh(UP); Kerala & Maharashtra. It boasts of an elaborately planned manufacturing facility that is equipped with State-of-the-Art machinery.

PL Group currently prides itself in being India’s sleep specialist, catering to the needs of one billion who deserve a good night’s sleep.

Hennecke Polyurethane Technology

The combination of precise high-pressure metering and a powerful stirrer mixer makes Hennecke's continuous slabstock lines the perfect partner in the efficient processing of all commercial materials in almost all density ranges. Through the combination of various technologies exclusive to Hennecke, continuous slabstock lines are opening up a variety of prospects for the cost-effective manufacture of high-quality foams of any length, up to 2,500 mm in width and, depending on the foam type and specific density, with a height of up 1,500 mm.

The Hennecke systems technology combines the individual advantages of all the well-known concepts for the continuous production of polyurethane slabstock foams and provides the processor with the highest possible quality. Thanks to its individual adaptation to market or environmental requirements, it also offers the highest degree of production flexibility for competitive production results over an extremely long period of time.

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