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Mattresses for Hospitals

Our line of hospital mattresses ensure that patients get safe and restful sleep every night. Our Therapeutic or medical mattress does not only provide support and comfort for patients with varying complications, but are also designed to assist in the healing of the health issues that they are facing.

There are several reasons why a patient might benefit from using a our specialized hospital mattress:
  • They are recovering from an injury.
  • They struggle with chronic pain.
  • They are immobilized.
  • They are dealing with a disease.

All of these situations mean that a patient is spending a significant amount of time on bed. This is why a traditional sleeping surface may not be ideal. Keeping these factors in mind, we have designed our medical mattresses to offer increased support, prevent sores as well as pressure ulcers, and skin breakdown.

Hospitals Nursing Homes Clinics

While the mattresses for hospitals are generally designed catering to the standard guidelines provided or by confirming to the standard medical standards for different types of patients or wards of hospitals, the factors such as the size, width, thickness and firmness of the mattress can be altered as per the demands of individual hospitals.

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