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Mattresses for Hostels

Hostels, Guest Houses or Service Apartments are either used by students or working people, many hostels consist of people from different regions in a room. Keeping in mind the diversity of sleepers and their comfort levels, we manufacture mattresses for the residents of Hostels, Service Apartments and Guest Houses to suit their sleeping needsconsidering their long periods of stay. From short naps to pulling off a night during exams, a student's life includes flexible sleep schedules.

Keeping in mind the stress that working and studying long hours brings to one;s mind, spine and neck, we design our line of mattresses for hostels and service apartments in such a way that they can take care of the changing body postures and provide the necessary sleep before exam or an important assignments or meetings.

Hostels, Service Apartments, Guest Houses

Hypoallergenic inner cover absorbs pathogens and bacteria for an allergy free environment. Textured finish at the base allows a firm grip of the bed, preventing the mattress from moving on the floor.

Whether you want to read a book, make a presentation, or watch your favorite TV Series on your laptop, in any position. We make sure, that the mattresses we manufacture provide your guests with homely comfort during their long stays away from home.

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