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UV Foam

Foams are often used outdoors or indoors, where they are subjected to direct sunlight or to light coming through glass. Therefore, it is important to determine the influence of such light (and also the influence of moisture, heating, and other factors) on colour and other properties of the materials. Degradation of polymers caused by physical factors, such as radiation, heat, and others, is described as aging. The strength of bonds in a macromolecule is dependent on dissociation energy, which causes a particular bond to break. Exposing the material to sunlight means exposing it to a wide spectrum of radiations, among others visible and ultraviolet, this causes negative changes in the polymer’s properties.

The influence of UV radiation may vary in different parts of the foam element because of the differences in radiation strength. In reality, this radiation influence varies in different seasons of the year.

Paling is natural process caused due to oxidation which is a result of combined action of oxygen and light, especially UV light. This foam has no chloroform carbon or any other auxiliary blowing agents. This makes the foam usable in various kinds of undergarments, which doesn't harm the human body.

To prevent the discolouration of UV foam, and enhance its UV resistance, light protecting agents and stabilisers can be added to the foam formulation at the manufacturing stage.

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Other Allied Industrial Products such as Rubberized Coir, Natural Latex, Bra cups, Cotton Wool Roll, Quilt Fabric Roll, Pillows, Mattress Protectors, Concept Sofa's and various range of Mattresses are manufactured using the best quality raw materials. Our products are well-acknowledged among the clients for their high durability and quality.

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